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Blog 12 Wrapping it up…

I came into this class with zero sense of political awareness and now that this semester is coming to a close I feel like I’ve learned something and now have an interest in politics. The class was so hands on and interactive, and that’s right down my alley. I really enjoyed how the “lectures” were put together. When we have discussions like we did it made things a lot more relevant to our lives. A lot of the times a professor will get up in front of the class and just go on and on about something that you don’t even feel like has anything to do with your life…this class was completely different.

If I had to put my finger on one thing that was my favorite part of the class I think I would say that reading ‘Making of the President‘ would top the list. When we broke down the reading within groups it made it much easier and a much more obtainable task. Not to mention it was a very entertaining book on the history of media and how it related and changed the political world forever. I’m sure that in 20 or so years students will be reading about how the 2008 Presidential election changed the way candidates went about their campaigning.

I’m not even going to touch on anything that I didn’t like about the class…Because there wasn’t anything.

I do know that I came in worried that I was going to struggle my way all the way through this semester within this class because of my lack of knowledge within the political world but because of the way it was taught and how relevant it was my worry turned into enjoyment. I can honestly say that one of the most important thingsthat I will take away from this class is that I will now vote in the next election because I feel like I will be informed to make the right decision and a lot of that has to do with the interest that this class has sparked for me!

Job well done Professor Houston!

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