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Blog 12: End of Class Evaluation

I write this post with ironic timing.  Obama has just completed his speech about bin Laden’s death and the Twitterverse has exploded with speculation and excitement over the news.  Fox News even jumped the gun and posted misspelled information to be above the action.

Political Communication 4473 has really made stop and realize how I get my news and on a night like tonight, I appreciate that insight.  From receiving a text message to turn on CNN to immediately turning to Twitter as we awaited Obama’s speech, my world is full of new media interaction.  This class has helped me appreciate that I live in 2011 and not 1960.  I can choose which mediums I want to select for news (and have become a more active Daily Show viewer!). 

As with many of my classmates, I agree that the most interesting part of the class was the coverage of the 1960’s campaign of Nixon v. Kennedy and The Selling of the President in the 1968 election.  It was interesting to see how much television changed the political environment of the time.  I had always heard about these debates, but to see them (especially on YouTube) was eye-opening.  You really can see the difference between the two candidates – I appreciate that I know the history behind it and Nixon’s sickness and knee injuries.  I feel like I can have more informed discussions.  I am extremely interested in working on political campaigns someday and will keep my copy of The Selling of the President for a future career.

The least interesting part of the class would have to be reviewing the Graber book.  I really liked all the articles, but when it was the only thing we did in class, it seemed repetitive and boring.  I did appreciate when Professor Houston added YouTube clips, etc. to enhance the articles, but the days we left class early were boring.  It was great to have a break (amidst all the craziness of this semester), but I appreciated when we went deeper into discussion beyond the articles in the books.  Really, though, I have enjoyed this semester immensely.  When I tweet now, I try and tweet with more purpose and newsworthiness!  Thank you, Professor Houston!

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