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Blog 12: Evalutaion of the class

I am a Communication major with a minor in Political Science, so naturally combining the two subject matters created a class which really sparked my interest. I have through enjoyed this class and all of the material that we have covered.

The most interesting thing, to me, that we learned in this class dealt with our discussion of the Nixon and Kennedy debates. It was interesting to see how television changed the way in which Americans engaged in politics. It was also interesting to note how different communication techniques in the Nixon and Kennedy campaigns had so much of an impact on the end result. Along with the content presented in this subject matter, it was also fun to work with fellow classmates to present this subject matter to the class. In addition to the study of Nixon and Kennedy, I also enjoyed our discussion of late night comedy. I am a big fan of numerous late night programs and it was insightful to see the impact that these programs are having on democracy and citizens.

In my opinion, the most boring issue that we discussed in class was the Sunstein book. Although Sunstein made some very interesting points, I felt that the book was very repetitive and overall hard to read. Essentially, I cannot recall any other subject matter that did not capture my attention. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class!

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