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Blog 12: As soon as I finish this, I will no longer be a blogger

It’s hard to believe that the end of the semester is already here and that this is my final blog. At the start of this class, I really thought I would hate the blogging process, but it has actually been a great part of this class. I love to write, and the blogging assignments gave me the chance to express myself in regards to the topics we’ve been discussing.

Been wondering what exactly Political Communication is...it's this

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this class and the material we’ve covered. My favorite thing we talked about (besides all the Stewart/Colbert stuff, which I know everyone loved) was the book about Kennedy’s election and the Selling of the President book. It was extremely interesting talking about how the media was used in each of these elections to package the candidates and win over voters. As we are currently in the midst of rapid social shifts in regards to the internet and social media, it’s fascinating to look back at a time when TV and radio were the revolutionary new means of political communication

This is a book we read

I honestly struggled to come up with something irrelevant or boring that we discussed this semester. The one thing I can think of is the Sunstein book, Republic.com 2.0. While I understand why we read it, and there were definitely parts of it I agreed with, I found it to be very pessimistic. It was basically an extremely long-form method of saying that we should be cautious of the internet; I don’t feel like I needed to read an entire book to get that he was making that point.

Throughout the semester, I learned a lot about political communication methods, most of which aren’t things I had really thought about before I took the class. Last night, I found myself thinking about many of the principles we’ve covered this year while I watched President Obama address the nation about Osama bin Laden’s capture. He spoke and used his rhetoric to communicate this message to the American people in such a way that emphasized the achievement of justice, while at the same time promoted his administrations efforts.

Overall, I have enjoyed this class a lot. I love talking politics with intelligent and informed people, and this class allowed me to do just that.

...we also read this one

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