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Blog 12: Overview of Communication 4473

The most interesting part of Comm 4473 was the study of late-night satire.  I found the subject to be of particular interest and relevance to the class and our age group as a whole.  Because of the tendency the young adults to rely on sources such as Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewarts’ satirical late night shows to obtain political information, it was interesting to learn of the implications that come with depending on these sources for politics.

Not only do these political shows allow young adults to gain political news in a new and more appealing way, they also challenge the traditions of popular TV and news outlets.  Additionally, we are challenged and encouraged to learn more about politics by taking in political information from these sources.  One piece of media that stood out to me over the course of the semester was that of Jon Stewart featured on the CNN show, Crossfire, where he challenged the hosts and their presentation of politics and news.

Having viewed this in a previous political science class, it was interesting to see it tied back to communication and analyzed through its purposes of questioning popular political news and media.

Not the most boring but perhaps an unnecessary aspect of the course was the focus on the presidential election of 1960.  While a very important part of the changes that have taken place in political communication history and one with a profound impact, it is a topic that was a little redundant to me.  This particular election and its debates have been poured over in previous and current communication and political science courses that I have taken.  While I understand its importance and relevance to the course, I feel that the reading of The Making of the President and subsequent presentations were too extensive coverage of the topic.

Overall, I feel that the past changes in political communication deserves recognition and complete understanding, but a less extensive overview of historical events could be minimized.  Lastly, a focus on issues that are up-and-coming and those that are exploding onto the political communication scene are the most interesting and relevant to the course.

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