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Blog 12: Semester in Review

The most interesting thing I learned in this course

The most interesting thing I learned in this course was from watching the film “Buying the War” narrated by Bill Moyers.  I really enjoyed this film because I am a big fan of conspiracy theories and inner workings of the government and how things are done.  I really took interest in how George W. Bush decided to go to war against terrorism and Saddam Hussein when it seems as though Saddam might not have been involved with the plot after all.   I never thought about the whole conspiracy and theories about going to war at the time everything was happening but after watching the film I was totally shocked and appalled that something like that could happen.  Great job Bill Moyers. You are truly a great investigative journalist.

The most irrelevant/boring issue we discussed

The most boring and irrelevant thing we discussed in this class was Sunstein’s book Republic 2.0.  I really did not enjoy reading this book because I felt as though I was not smart enough to understand the terminology and lingo that Sunstein was using throughout his book.  I just thought the information and relevance of this book was not very useful to me.  I understand that the Internet is a popular phenomenon of our time and the uses and theories of things that go on with the Internet but I choose to use the Net for what I want and that’s about it. I’m not really into divulging into new content other than stumbleupon.  Thank goodness I never have to open this book ever again.

Final Remarks

At the end of my final blog, I wanted to express how much I actually enjoyed doing these blogs and getting my thoughts and feelings out to those who want to read them and talk about my political opinions when it comes to the media.  I really enjoyed the semester in the class and I will take a lot from my time in class this semester.  That being said, in closing I would be greatly mistaken if I did not mention the events that took place yesterday and its impact in the media.  I cannot believe that the United States of America actually found Osama Bin Laden.  I think that this is truly a spectacular event and one that everyone will remember for as long as we live.  America finally has resolve for 9/11 and can rest assured that America’s number one wanted man is no longer going to cause problems for the world. That is all for me this semester. Goodnight and may God Bless the United States of America.

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