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BLOG 12: Thanks to Everyone

In general, I really enjoy taking this class. The books, readings, and discussion, everyting in the class was very intriguing and interesting. It was really great to have class with such a respectful classmates. They were listening my opinions during the class hours even though my English is not perfect, and suggesting and asking important points and questions througout the semester. It was very lucky to have this kind of class with nice friends and a nice professor!

One of the most interesting class materials in the class was learning the concepts and difference of Citizen Soveregnity and Consumer Sovergnity from Sunstein’s book. As a journalism student, I considred this issue for several times, but hadn’t find good answer to explain what is exatly going on around there. However, thanks to great lectures and a book, finally I can arrange logic of my argument of the idea of consumer vs citizen.

In America where the freedom is matter or maybe only matter, it is hard to deny the strong idea of ‘Consumer sovergnity’ which is represened by the idea of “I can choose whatever I want.” However, that freedom is not based on the idea of ‘democracy’ or ‘republic’ which guarantee the power of citizens and free citizen but it is only based on captialism and money. Thus, those idea of freedom couldn’t make us a ‘free citizen’ but make us ‘free consumer’. This was an eye-opening experience as a citizen and journalist, and I will never forget those differences and concept.

Consumer will never change the world, but citizen possibly can.

In addition, I loved to read and discuss the debate about the power of social media and whehter they contributed recent revolutions in middle east or not. Mostly, I agreed with Gladwell idea that social media activism couldn’t not bring any real challenges that overturn the status quo, however still it is very interesting to learn the other side of argument, and I think this deabte should keep going.

Okay, then lets talk about the borest class materials.
Actullay, for me, I didn’t enjoy to read a book about JFK, and Nixon. Even though, I got A on the American History class but still it wasn’t interesting to read all those stuff. It was diffcult to read and there are so many historical things in the book that I shoud look it up white I was reading those books.

In addition, some chapterss of our textbook seemd very out of date. For example, chapter 16 which talks about the history of using interent on political campaign from Howard Dead to Obama, it was totally out of date and didn’t propse any new fresh insight to me to think more about the matters.

Dear professor, I want to give you a one recommendation about using twitter as class assignment.
What if we as a class decide certain topics with hastags on twitter and participate those discussions?

For example, last week, #Donaldtrump was very popular hashtags and popular topic on twitter. As a class, we might join this discussion very actively and exchange ideas about this topic with other people on Twitter. Maybe you can require to student that ‘students should mention at least five different people’s tweets about this topic and should write at least 15 tweets for this discussion with hashtag. If all of our classmates do this assignment at the sametime, we might actively lead this discussion on twitter and I think it is good chance to have experience real time discussion in social media with people they don’t know before!

That’s just my idea, and I know you know much better about class assignment than me!
Sincerely, Thanks for this awesome class!

  1. May 3, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Thanks for the suggestions on how to incorporate twitter into the class better. I struggle with this and have tried a few approaches in the past, none of which have worked out that well. I’ll think about your suggestion for future semesters.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the consumer vs citizen aspect of the Sunstein book. I agree that it is a really important issue.

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