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Blog 12: The most interesting and irrelevant issue discussed in class

By far, I think the most interesting and useful thing I learned from this course was the issues surrounding political satire like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. Before taking this class, I had never watched a show like these, or even really knew what they were all about. However, now I love watching the Colbert Report and will watch a segment of it any chance it is on TV. In addition, I rarely, if ever, watched the traditional news  and knew very little about what was going on in the ‘real world’ (embarrassing to admit).

Since my increased viewing of the Colbert Report, I have also found myself catching glimpses of the nightly news to gain at least some insight into important citizen information so I can actually “get the jokes” that are on  the show. I found it interesting that these different types of media forms are complimentary of each other, not competitive, because they provide a lot of the same basic info. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that these types of late-night comedies are an alternative form of journalism because they do not have actual journalists going out into the field and reporting. Instead, they provide commentary (that can often times be insightful) about the news events.

I felt that this topic (among others, including social media) pertains to our lives because political satire and shows of this kind are geared toward young people and people of our age group. Because of this, we could closely relate to the issues that were discussed in class. It seems as if appealing to young voters has become a new political tactic. As shown in this clip:

Tim Pawlenty Appeals to Youth Vote

In contrast, the most irrelevant and boring issue we discussed this semester was the Sunstein book. The statements made in this book seemed to be very redundant and talked about issues that sounded more like common sense, at least from my perspective. The main two points of his book 1) that citizens should be exposed to material they wouldn’t normally choose to be exposed to and 2) that people need to be exposed to a range of common experiences appeared to be statements that common people should already be aware of. Although Sunstein did do an excellent job of explaining new topics and information, like consumer and citizen sovereignty, he wasted a lot of space by elaborating continuously on the certain issues.

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