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BLOG12. Last Blog (Already?)

Time does fly QUICK! I can’t believe we’re already wrapping up a semester and writing the last blog post.

This class has provided so much information and knowledge about US politics and the relationship between media and politics.

As being a korean lived most of my life in Canada, I had little or shallow knowledge about politics at all. Taking this class was definitely helpful understanding what i was lagged behind of the areas as well as increased interests toward what i was not so much interested about. Political satire/comedy shows are the first example. Prior to this class, i thought these shows are just political junkies, which all they do is acting as an opponent of government and creating the hostility amongst citizens. However as i was watching these shows to understand them in order to write blogs about, i realized that i had wrong ideas. I found that these political satire are not only helpful to keep up with current political issues but also to increases the sense of critical views of issues our society has.

I found it extremely interesting that changes and patterns in trends of political participation through the decades have closely related to the changes of technologies. Invent of printing press and broadcasting once assembled the citizens to politics and in turn, media and journalism was well respected in 1970s and 1980s. However beginning of 1990s journalism became the least respected institution in the society and until now. And as its interests dropped people’s participation to politics dropped as well. Then the new medium, the internet has appeared. while it may or may not recovered people’s respects toward journalism it definitely played a crucial role in increasing the political participation. Through working on my research paper, despite my agreement on Sunsein’s arguments on Republic.com 2.0, i realized that the internet have played a big role helping building democratic.

Over all, i have had a great experience in this class. I have learned and developed knowledge about political communication a lot  that i will need and will help me as a student and an educated constituent.

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