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Blog Post 1: Marching Mizzou

One of the communities that has been the most influential and life changing during my college career has been my involvement in Marching Mizzou. An organization that I am sure most here on campus are aware of, Marching Mizzou strives to keep the University’s traditions alive. Given it’s size of a couple hundred undergraduate students, this community is, and has to be, extremely structured in order to function efficiently.

Director of Athletic Bands, Dr. Brad Snow, is the head of this community but under him is a helpful staff of graduate teaching assistants as well as drum majors and section leaders. This network of leaders is how information is primarily dispersed. Initially, a packet is mailed out to each member at the beginning of the football season with information regarding rules, regulations, fees, Greek organizations, scholarship opportunities and most importantly the upcoming performance and rehearsal schedule. From then on out information within this community is passed along a chain of command primarily by word of mouth. Dr. Snow and the assistant director begin this relaying of information by first speaking with graduate assistants and drum majors. The graduate assistants are then in charge of informing the section leaders of those sections which they are responsible for. From there, section leaders relay the information to those within their own sections. This occurs at the beginning of every rehearsal so the entire Marching Mizzou community is aware of what is to be accomplished during that day’s rehearsal.

At the end of each rehearsal the entire ensemble assembles at the podium during the last ten minutes for announcements. This is where anyone can openly inform the community of any upcoming events. This small gathering during the last ten minutes of rehearsal is held more like an open forum rather than the passing of information along a chain of command. However, the primary format is still word of mouth. This has proven an effective method for a community of this size. The effectiveness of Marching Mizzou’s information system is demonstrated in the half time and pregame performances at each and every home game.

PREGAME 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQPsRcWuKgE

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  1. September 8, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Good first post. Though it looks like you tried to embed a YouTube video that did not work.

    Are there any ways to get information about Marching Mizzou that do not depend upon in-person meetings? E-mails about events? Does Marching Mizzou have a website where information about the band is compiled?

    Do you think the organization of this community influences how it communicates?

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