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Blog 1: LPE Community

One community that I belong to is the University of Missouri branch of Lambda Pi Eta, which is the Communication Honor Society. I began as a member in my junior year, and now as a senior, serve as president. The organization is a group of upperclassman communication majors that meet bi-monthly to discuss graduate school, internships, the GRE, etc. There are 3 main places that I get information about this community:

1. Communication newsletter: Being a communication major ensures that I get a timely newsletter that usually includes information about Lambda Pi Eta. It may have meeting times, application deadlines, and information on what will happen at the next meeting.

2. Bi-monthly executive and general meetings: At our executive and general meetings, we cover a lot of administrative information that we disseminate to the organization members. This may include when and how much dues are, where to pick up graduation cords, and where the induction ceremony will take place.

3. Email communication with sponsor and fellow exec members: Because I am now president, I am constantly conducting email communication with fellow members, our sponsors, and with I-COMM. We discuss what to cover in general meetings, how to get guest speakers to come, and what fundraisers LPE will participate in.

Being a capable president of LPE means that I have to become an expert in communicating information to my executive board and general members. I will further use these forms of communication, and perhaps implement new ones (Twitter, Facebook page, etc).

  1. September 8, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    Good. Lots of communication/information going on here. And you are in a unique position of thinking about how an organization can communicate better by thinking about how you benefit from communication as a community member.

    Does Lambda Pi Eta have a website that compiles information for current or prospective members? If so, would have been a good think to link to in this post.

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