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Blog 1: Relay for Life Steering Committee

One of the communities that I belong to is the Relay for Life of Mizzou Steering Committee.  We are a group of students; ungrads and graduate, who plan and execute a Relay for Life event every Spring semester.

If you aren’t familar with what Relay for Life is, it’s an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The event is 12 hours long and is usually held on a track so that participants can walk around. The whole night is dedicated to those who have lost their lives battling cancers, have overcome the battle, or for those who are still fighting. This is a community that is very important to me, because like many others, I have been touched by someone who has or has had cancer.

The most useful website for our community is the American Cancer Society Website. www.cancer.org allows new and old committee members to familarize themselves with the missions and goals of the American Cancer Society. It’s also a great educational tool for us to learn more about cancer and what we can do to help, not only all over the world but even right here in Missouri.  Our personal event website, www.relayforlife.com/mizzoumo also offers a lot of great information. It allows participants to register for teams, raise or donate money, and keep track of their team’s fundraising progress. Social media outlets such as our Facebook page and Twitter accounts also allow us o keep up with participants and other committee members and help to spread the word about our event.

Relay For Life Motion from Erik Shute on Vimeo.

  1. September 8, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Good post. Nice use of links, images, and video.

    Are there communication sources that are not online that also connect you with this community? Meetings, events, interactions, etc.? How did you first find out about this community?

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