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BLOG 1: The Kansas City Chiefs

I was going to blog about BBBS but when I logged on Lindsey beat me to it. Good post though Lindsey! So with that said…

I am a proud member of the Kansas City Chiefs community. To stay updated on everything from training camp, schedule, injury report, important team news, cheerleaders, events, to interviews with players and coaches, the community home page, stadium news, and ticket purchases I use kcchiefs.com. A fan like myself could spend hours on this website gathering info and reading up on the latest team news. This website is a very good tool that keeps fans actively engaged in Chiefs “culture”. 

Their Facebook and Twitter pages are great resources to utilize. They have Youtube videos of interviews, spoofs, to highlights of the games. The Chiefs Facebook and Twitter  pages do a great job of keeping their followers up to date and promoting their website,  as any good page should. They make you feel like you are “part of the team”. The Chiefs community does a good job of keeping its’ fans actively engaged in everything Chiefs. They have links to blogs where you and all the other fans can express their feelings about whatever is going on in the “community”. Twitter and Facebook do a good job of this as well.

Bottom line is kcchiefs.com is one of the best resources a fan of any stature can utilize. With tabs linking you to the history of how they got started, to the Chiefs Hall of Fame. It is the best place to be totaly versed in anything to do with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Facebook Page

Twitter Page

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  1. September 8, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    Good post. Nice use of links, images, and video.

    Do you also get information and/or stay connected with the team by going to games and/or watching games on television? Do you do this with other members of the KC Chiefs community? Would activities like these be important in getting information or becoming more engaged with Chiefs culture?

  2. September 8, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Also, be sure to add tags to your post. You have the categories listed correctly, but add tags as well. You can either use pre-existing tags or create your own.

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