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BLOG 1: 72hours.org

I found a website called 72 Hours ( http://72hours.org/index.html ). It is a San Francisco based website and it is a quick and easy guide to preparing yourself and your family for crises. It shows you on how to create your own disaster plan by breaking the plan up into sections. For example, “Family Safety,” “Household Safety,” and “Children.” all have their own sections. The site has boxes to click on that takes you to an explanation about the sections importance and how to plan for them. For example, there is a box titled “Food” that tells you what foods to buy in case of a crisis, how much food to buy, how long to store the food, etc. There is also a box that shows you what you should have in a “Go Bag” in case you and your family need to escape a crisis.The site also has vital information on what you are supposed to do when a crisis actually occurs and what signs you should be looking for to determine if a crisis is occurring. It lists everything from storms, floods, and fires, to terrorism and contagious diseases. These also have interactive boxes that can be clicked on to find detailed information on how to respond to the  crisis and stay safe after the crisis. For example, if you click on the “Earthquake” box it will give you a detailed description of what to do when an earthquake strikes and you are indoors, what to do if you are outdoors, what to do when the earthquake is over, and even what to do if you are trapped under earthquake debris.

Something I like about the website is that it has links to volunteer opportunities, private and professional. It showcases volunteer opportunities through local volunteer centers and a HAM radio operator program. It has links to the San Francisco Neighborhood Emergency Response Team and The Red Cross as professional organizations that will train volunteers for aid during a crisis. It also shows how the average citizen can get involved in crisis preparation by giving blood and setting up neighborhood watch programs. Like we talked about in class, this site is preparing people first so they are proactive and not simply reactive to an unpredictable crisis when/if it occurs.

  1. September 5, 2011 at 11:27 am

    Nice job. Good discussion of the site you found and good formatting of the blog post. You might break your blog post text up a little more, but even as it stands now this is good.

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