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Blog #1: Capstone 4974-02

Tiger Calling Club

I am apart of the Tiger Calling Club here at the University of Missouri. This is one community that I am apart of. Tiger Calling club is a company that raises money for our school and asks  alumni for donations. We raised almost $800,000 for our school last year. I am a Floor Supervisor at the Tiger Calling Club, TCC for short. I am in charge of making sure the computer systems run smoothly while the callers are calling funds. I am in charge of enforcing the rules, answering any questions needed and making sure the calling floor looks presentable. There are many forms of communication we have for the supervisors and callers.

1. Twitter: We have our own Twitter page for quick updates that our callers and supervisors should know. For instance, if a shift is cancelled, the people will get a tweet and know the shift is cancelled quicker than say email. Also, if our main boss wants to let everyone know how we are doing on our stats, we are tweeted. Our boss also uses Twitter for encouragement to our callers.

2. Facebook: We have a facebook page to stay connected, as well. This is used if people are looking for someone to pick up there shift or if they have any questions and want it answered in that way.

3. Email: We are practically emailed for everything. Email is used for reminders, to announce meetings, to praise ones that are doing well, to announce things that need to be worked on, to get ahold of callers or supervisors and so on.

4. Meetings: Meetings are used to personally discuss stats with a caller, if there is a problem that needs to be brought to attention, supervisor meetings are held to go over procedures and new callers etc.

5. Announcements:Announcements about anything the supervisors feel is important for the callers to know is announced at the beginning of every calling shift. For instance, if we feel they need reminding to put away their cell phones while calling or announcing which fund we are calling for the night and so forth. We want to make sure the callers feel comfortable and clear about procedure and rules.

6. Packets: Packets are another form of communication we have to clarify what to do/say during a call, rules, websites etc. for new callers. The newly hired can refer to the folder if they do not remember what is told to them in the meetings.

7. Shift Sign-up website: We have a website to sign up shifts, so you know when you are scheduled to work. This is nice because you can always refer to this if not clear when you work. Also, supervisors have the ability to cancel a shift or switch things around if needed.

– We seem to have plenty of sources of communication flowing within TCC. However, I have noticed that there is not much information at all that is provided outside of TCC for people who are looking to be hired there or just want to know what we are all about. It is more word of mouth and friends who help friends get hired. When I was hired, it was through help from a friend. I feel there needs to be more communication for those outside of the company. However, the company has no problem having people come in looking for a job.

~Brittany N.

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  1. September 8, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Good job on the post. Nice listing of the different communication forms used by this company.

    Couple of formatting issues. For the blog title you don’t need the class name, just call it something like “Blog 1: Tiger Calling Club communication.”

    In the category section is where you add the class name (“Capstone”). You have the blog assignment listed in the category section, which is good, you just need the class listed also.

    Also, be sure to include tags in your post. You can use existing tags or create news ones.

    Finally, include links in your post as appropriate. Like maybe for the company website? And use and image when appropriate to dress the post up.

    Otherwise, good first post.

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