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Blog 1: Disaster Preparedness Site

After searching through some of the disaster preparedness websites, I found one that I really liked and is easy to navigate through.  The website is called http://www.ready.gov and it is a website that goes through each important step that is a reminder of what to do during a disaster, and especially what to do to prepare yourself before one happens.  The website talks about how one of the first steps is to prepare a kit.  This kit should include water, food, first aid, and all the essentials for staying alive during a disaster.  The next step is to make a plan.  This includes finding a contact, family or friend, that you can call to help you out, and preparing your family how to deal in a crisis.  The final step is to be informed at all times, knowing what to do and how to do it if necessary.  I think that these 3 steps are crucial to knowing how to stay safe and alive during a disaster.  I am from a suburb of Chicago, and I have never been affected by a disaster that has left me with little to nothing.  I think that this website shows that even if you dont think it could happen to you, it is important to be prepared.


  1. September 5, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Ready.gov is the main disaster preparedness site for the U.S. Federal Government, so it was a good one to review.

    You did a good job overall. But a few suggestions for improvement: break up the text with paragraph breaks so it is easier to read, add images as appropriate, and make sure your links are dynamic. Dynamic links are ones that the reader can click and be immediately taken to the site you are discussing.

    Also, be sure to add tags to your post. You’ve go the categories listed, which is good, but you need tags as well.

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