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Blog #1: Disaster Preparedness

When searching for websites and blogs on the Internet I found a site that hit close to home, one on tornado disaster preparedness and response compiled by FEMA, American Red Cross, and more. After the tragedy that happened in Joplin this past Summer I found it to be a helpful guide of what to do in case of a tornado. The website mentioned ways to not only plan for a tornado, but also what to do after a tornado. In addition I thought it was helpful how the website broke down protocol for tornado warnings and tornado watches. Not only are the basics covered but they also give advice on how to protect property, what to tell children, and other tornado awareness information. The site even encourages individuals to reach out to their community by encouraging the media to publish a special section in the local paper of tornado hints or even host a “Helping Your Neighbor” session at a nearby school. All in all I thought this was a very helpful website and am glad I stumbled upon it for future reference.

  1. September 5, 2011 at 11:25 am

    Good job. But be sure to add tags to your post. You have the categories listed correctly, but you need posts as well.

    Also, break up your blog post text some so that it is easier to read. And consider adding images.

    Lastly, was there anything about the site that you discuss that you didn’t like? It has a lot of text and little design, do you think this limits the site’s effectiveness?

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