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I found a webiste that seems to be one that is very helpful and full of information.  The home page lists the different types of threats and hazards that you can click on if you want to learn more, such as floods, fires, tsunamis, volcanos, chemical, etc.  The home page also has preparedness resources such as tips to prepare your household, for kids only and pets and disaster.  I like that these are readily available on the home page and that they are labeled with corresponding pictures.  I like the fact that when I click on the one that is labeled fire that it takes me to a page that talks in detail about fire safety and prevention.  There is also a page that is called “About Us” that you can go to if you want to learn about the company’s background and mission.  This website is easy to navigate and is very detailed that it makes learning about diaster preparedness fun and interesting.  If you want to learn more check it out

  1. September 5, 2011 at 10:46 am

    This website seems focused on the Bay Area in California. Do you think that reduces the usefulness of the website to people in Missouri?

    Be sure to add a title to your blog post. You’ve got “Blog 1” now, which is good, but also add some sort of description about your post. E.g., “Blog 1: Online disaster preparedness information.”

    Also, add tags to your post. You’ve go the categories, which is great, but you need tags also.

    And you might break up the text in your post some with paragraph breaks. This makes your post easier to read. And add an image to your post when appropriate. This will dress things up a bit.

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