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BLOG 1: A Community of Law

One community I belong to is the University of Missouri Mock Trial Team.

In a nut shell, Mizzou’s mock trial team provides members with the opportunity to learn more about trial law, acting, and oration. We compete in tournaments at colleges across the Midwest. Members take on a role either as a witness or a lawyer. Witnesses act- they learn the affidavit (sworn statement), practice direct examination with their lawyer, prepare for the cross examination by the other team, and develop a character for their role. Lawyers must have courtroom presence, give speeches, and cross and direct examine witnesses. Everyone must be able to think on their feet, use logic and reasoning, and contribute to developing their team’s case theory.

My role in this community is President. I have to keep the organization updated on any new University policy, so I get most of my information from ORG and MSA. They send out monthly, sometimes, weekly, emails to make sure that Mizzou’s organizations have what they need, give budget information, and make sure we know when meetings take place.

Additionally, I have to communicate to both teams about what is going on. Using a Listserv is usually the easiest and fastest way to relay information. We also work on recruiting members, so we take advantage of different Departments’ Listservs and hang flyers around campus. It helps get the word out and both have proved to be successful mediums of reaching students.

  1. September 8, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Good. Do you advertise this group through the Department of Communication? I haven’t seen emails about it, but they may go to undergraduates directly. Seems like lots of communication majors would be interested in this.

    Does your group have a website where you provide information about your activities to the public and/or MU students? Seems like this might help get the word out. And/or a Twitter/Facebook account. These information sources aren’t listed in your post, so I’m assuming they don’t exist….

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