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Blog 1: Arris’ Pizza Community

One community which I am actively involved in is that of Arris’ Pizza. Arris’ is a small franchise that was started in Jefferson City in the 1960’s by a Greek immigrant named Arris Pardalos. In recent years, other branches have been opened in Springfield, Osage Beach, and Columbia, just to name a few. As indicated by the company’ name, the restaurant is best known for its Greek style pizza. Authentic gyro sandwiches and Greek salads are also staples on the menu.


One of the primary sources of information about any restaurant is its menu. You can find hard copies of the Arris’ menu inside the store or a digital version posted online via the link above. Simple “word of mouth” is another key channel for spreading information to the Arris’ community. Also, coupons and information concerning daily food and drink specials can be found on Facebook and Twitter. A company TV commercial recently hit the air in most of Missouri’s major markets as well. Hopefully, the brand will continue to grow as information continues reaching more consumers through all these different mediums.

  1. September 8, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Are you a member of this community because you eat at this restaurant, or because you work there, or something else? Your role in the community is probably an important aspect of determining what information you need.

    Good job overall. Be sure to add the blog assignment category (e.g., “Blog 1”) in addition to the course category that you have.

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