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Blog 1 Capstone: NewPad Community

I recently joined a new community at The Links, an apartment complex and golf course just east of Columbia.  I moved from North College Avenue to a two bedroom place with my new roommate.  I would not say I belonged to a neighborhood community before the move, but with a recreation center, pool, hot tub and clubhouse I feel like everyone who lives at The Links is a part of its community.

This community provides its residents with a vast array of amenities that are included in rent payments.  I am most excited to use the free golf course and recreation center but many other Links goers are seen at the pool being lazy.   When I’m not out on the links I am usually the one lazy at the pool or on my balcony.  Since I imagine that most residents at The Links enjoy the same pleasure’s there as I do, we share experiences which helps bond the small community.  I also share acquaintance’s with some staff and a few fellow golfers who I played alongside.  Everyone in this community probably went through the same “initiation” with signing a lease and everyone pays relatively similar rates to live at and use the the facilities.  I do not necessarily feel tight with the community, but one hundred percent feel a part of The Links community.

The flow of information at my new pad is almost stagnant in the short time I have lived here.  Upon arriving for move-in day, we received a packet of information about the complex.

The Packet provides information regarding the pro shop, upgrades, utilities, leasing consultant, coupons and savings, rules and regulations, a nice little “how to” about being a good neighbor, the actual lease and probably something else but I’ve been back to the drawer too many times.  This drawer, this beautiful utility drawer holds almost all of the information flow for The Links.  Besides the occasional interaction with staff the only information I receive is by scourging that Packet for a phone number or trivial detail they most likely excluded from their information hub.  This flow of information does not seem recent or updated and to me does not coincide with the appetite for information that I have.  I probably need to see if they have Facebook or Twitter, but then again, the need for information from The Links might not be worth the trouble since the community is not very tight and very much equal in experience.



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  1. September 8, 2011 at 11:04 am

    Nice post overall. Good discussion of the community and what communication exists within that community.

    Be sure to add the assignment category to each post (e.g., Blog 1) and also add some tags to the post as well. Both of these will help people find your blog post.

    Otherwise, good job.

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