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Blog 1: Disaster Preparedness

The disaster preparedness website I found most interesting was http://72hours.org/index.html. This website gives specific instructions on how to deal with many types of disasters, from earthquakes and fires to terrorist attacks and contagious disease outbreaks. The website also gives specific details about how to handle certain things that go along with a disaster. Those aspects range from what to do with your pets to how to turn off the gas and water in your home. The website also teaches us how to prepare a “Go Bag” in case an evacuation is necessary and also what contents are necessary for the bag and which are not necessary. The website also describes how to prepare food and water for an emergency and what supplies should be in your first aid kit.




I like this website because it reminds you of things you may not think about when a disaster strikes. For instance what you should do with the elderly or disabled and how to deal with your pet. This website is very simple to use and is very thorough in describing how to react to the different types of emergencies. I would recommend this website for others with questions regarding disaster preparedness.

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  1. September 5, 2011 at 10:34 am

    Good post and interesting website. Good use of an image to illustrate what you are talking about.

    Be sure to add the class category (“crisis communication”) to each post in addition to the blog category.

    Good job overall.

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