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Blog 1: Every Life Secure

I stumbled upon http://everylifesecure.com/ after doing a search for disaster preparedness blogs on Google. Right away I could tell that this site would provide readers a lot of information. It is very organized with sections for different types of disasters ranging from swine flu, tornado’s to volcanic eruptions. The author of the site is also very active with it, unlike many of the other blogs I found. There’s multiple posts a week, and even kept readers very up to date about hurricane Irene. What attracted me most about this site was that it doesn’t just give you the typical boring disaster information. They share posts about products you can use in a disaster, and articles about past and current disasters. The posts make you want to read them rather than just scan over the information without actually taking it in. Overall I just found the site to be very organized and relevant to what was going on with it currently being hurricane season.

This is definitely a site that I would continue to go to for more information, and if I couldn’t find what I was looking for on there, they also direct you to other sites that may provide you with the information that they can’t.

  1. September 5, 2011 at 10:13 am

    This site sees to also sell disaster kits. And actually selling disaster kits may be the main purpose of the blog. Does this affect your opinion about the information on this website?

    Do you think the website would be updated as often (something you mention liking about the blog) if it wasn’t related to a business?

    Good job on this first post.

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