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Blog 1: Important Communities and Effective Communication

When contemplating communities I belong to, I think of the most basic ones. I, of course, like every other student in this class belong to the University of Missouri as well as the Communication Department. We have all taken the same classes, at least the general education and basic requirements for the major. I think of my workplace. We are all different people with an array of majors but we come together and take on the responsibility of keeping the desk open at the residential hall. It is not like we have a calling to answer the annoying questions freshmen ask but we feel responsible because we’re poor and we need a job. I believe there is more to a community than connection. Yes, I have a connection to students in this class or at work but we are bonded by money or a good grade, not by something important.

Therefore, I think the aspect that most defines my life in terms of “community” would have to be my sorority. Every one of my sisters comes to chapter meetings and activities because they are invested in the well-being of my sorority. We all want to be able to come back in 20 years and see our legacy has not only survived but also, flourished. This community is unique. Of course, it is not anything spectacular. It is not like there are not 13 other houses on campus. It is unique because it is student run. I have now invested time and money into my sisters.

The sorority is nothing without member participation. This makes communication very interesting. My sorority started on Mizzou’s campus my freshman year. Communication has only improved. We have learned what doesn’t work. For example, everyone sent an email when they needed to inform the rest of the sorority of something. This was hazardous to one’s email. Now we receive one email a day with announcements from anyone that has something important to share. This isn’t the only type of communication we receive. We have weekly meetings. Meetings I once detested because they took forever, I now am now mad if I am forced to miss one. I feel confused and out of the loop. The sorority has a blackboard members can use just like in class. Our national organization also communicates with us and although there is much more of a formal overtone, we are all connected through the same sorority and the same bonds. Communication is very important for a student organization because it depends on its members for participation. How else would we become stronger over time? We wouldn’t be able to function without effective communication.

  1. September 8, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    Good discussion of the communication forms this community uses as well as the communication rules (only one mass email per day) employed. Meetings and interactions are also clearly important in this community.

    When possible and appropriate, use links and images in your posts. It will sort of dress them up. Does your sorority have a public website?

    Also, be sure to include the class category on your post (“capstone”). You have the assignment category (“Blog 1”), which is good, but you need the class category as well.

    Otherwise good job.

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