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Blog 1: Social Media and Disasters

Earthquake  Preparation in Missouri

It is predicted that Missouri will have a major earthquake within the next 10 years.  the New Madrid Fault located in the Missouri boot heel was the site of a major earthquake in 1811. The state of Missouri has a specific website dealing with earthquake preparedness that gives tips on what to have before a quake, what to do during the quake, and what you need to do after the quake is over.  The webpage starts out with a short history of earthquakes in Missouri, followed by 11 tips to prepare before the quake.  The next section has 4 tips for what to do during the quake, and the final section gives 13 tips for what to do when the quake is over.  This webpage (http://www.mo.gov/living-in-missouri/personal-public-safety/disaster-resources/earthquake-resources/) also gives links to other state agencies. Overall this webpage is attractive and easy to read.  The important information is in three sections and bulleted. The information is detailed and to the point.  This is a good source, not only for Missourians, but for anyone who needs information on how to prepare and survive an earthquake.

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  1. September 5, 2011 at 11:08 am

    Good job with finding a disaster website and discussing it.

    But what does your post have to do with your title “Social media and disasters?” It doesn’t appear you are discussing social media in the post.

    Also, consider breaking up your text with paragraph breaks so that it is easier to read. Also, you might consider adding an image to your post to dress it up a bit.

    And add the class category to your posts (“crisis communication”). You have the blog post category, which is good, but you need the class category also. And you also need tags for every post.

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