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Blog Post 1 Crisis: QuakeKare.com

I ran into a website called QuakeKare.com that I chose for the disaster website blog.  I originally only found gag disaster photos and goofy websites.  After finding QuakeKare I am convinced that even I can survive 2012.

I like that this site immediately takes you to the “3 Steps to Emergency Preparedness”.  I also thought the name was catchy and definitely caught my eye.  The clash of both K’s in Quake and Kare are rough like a disaster is hitting the website title.  The menu is easy to read and organize on a left side column, which seems appropriate.

For ALL Locations and Disasters is the heading on the front page.  That pretty much covers Everything.  

Number One: Buy Kits and Supplies

Number Two:  Make a Plan

Number Three:  Stay Informed

The website information follows the emergency preparedness experts guide and is organized according to those categories.  The Kits and Supplies section includes survival kits, emergency kits, and emergency supplies including for pets and terrorism and pets and terrorism again, respectively.  The make a plan section takes you to a list of disasters and places to chose from in which the third option for preparedness is Terrorism.  The stay informed section includes recent News about disasters in which Obama’s face graces the cover of a New Jersey relief effort.  It also showcases the “Featured Disaster Preparedness Article that lays out a National Earth Earthquake Preparedness Drill.  There is also a newsletter which can be signed up for.

If I’m ever in an Earthquake, I’m immediately logging onto QuakeKare.com!

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  1. September 5, 2011 at 10:04 am

    This website seems to be selling disaster kits. Does that influence your perceptions of the quality of the information they are providing?

    Is the image you included in this post related to the post’s content? Using an image is excellent, it dresses up the post, just make sure it is clearly relevant (otherwise it can be distracting).

    Good on breaking up the text and using some bold text.

    Next time be sure to add categories to your post (“crisis communication” the category for this class and “Blog 1” for the first blog assignment, “Blog 2” for the second and so on).

    Also, add tags to your post. You can create these or select from pre-existing.

    Categories and posts help people find your post.

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