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Crisis Communication: Preparing for a Disaster

When researching websites that help prepare people for an arrangement of disasters, I felt important that it would be straight-forward, easy to use, and yet still contains enough information.  I found that on the link: http://www.ready.gov/index.html , a government based site, information was very well organized and helpful to a variety of people who live all over the world.  The website is set into three main steps for overall preparedness. There is 1) Get a Kit, 2) Make a Plan, and 3) Be Informed.  There is also a section on the homepage for local information, a translator for people all around the world, and featured ready content that includes specific preparedness tips.  The “get a kit” section goes through important items to buy in order to survive any type of disaster. The site specifically goes through water, food, food safety, clean air, first aid kit, and unique family needs, etc. The next step is to make a plan. This entails identifying any people out of town, having phone numbers, even potentially getting  a pre-paid phone for back up. There is information for schools and workplaces, neighborhoods and families, apartment buildings and high-rise building, along with if you are in a moving vehicle during a disaster. The website prepares people for any possible situation. Finally, there is the section to be informed. This section lets people know about all types of disasters, including what to expect and how to deal with the disaster. These can include blackouts, earthquakes, explosions, floods, influenza pandemic, wildfires, and many others. Overall, I like that this website is easy to use, has a variety of information, and keeps people prepared for all types of potential disasters before they happen.


  1. August 31, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    There is 1) Get a Kit, 2) Make a Plan, and 3) Be Informed.
    yes being informed and making a plan costs nothing and could save your life. i urge everyone to be aware of preparedness and follow the excellent advice above.

  2. September 5, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Hey, you got a comment from someone out on the Internet. Great. Must be doing something right.

    Ready.gov is a good site and you do a good job discussing it. Few suggestions for improvement: break up the text on your post with paragraph breaks. This will make it easier for readers to read your post. Also, you might add an image to dress it up a bit. And make your links dynamic. Readers should be able to click your links and be immediately taken to the site you are discussing.

    Lastly, be sure to add the blog post number in your title. So you title for this should be “Blog 1 – Crisis communication: Preparing for disaster”

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