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Great Disaster Website: Blog 1

The Missouri State Emergency Management Agency has a great website and blog that gives resources, advice and information to Missouri residents. I liked this site because it is very up to date on the current issues that our state faces; from floods in Northwestern and Southeastern Missouri to the massive and devastating tornado that struck Joplin. There is a portion of the website that helps give resources on how to prepare for each and every possible disaster, and divides the state in different sections because Missouri’s topography and proneness to Natural Disasters may vary, if you live in the Ozarks or in the Northern Plains. I also like this website because it has a “volunteer and take action” section, which promotes pro-activeness for those who wish to help other fellow Missourians who have been displaced or affected by a disaster. The link to this website is:


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  1. September 5, 2011 at 10:32 am

    Good, makes sense to look at a local yet authoritative site.

    A few thoughts on improving your post next time around: break up your text with paragraph breaks so it is easier to read, maybe add an image to dress things up if you think it will help, and make your links dynamic, so the reader can just click on the link and be taken to the site you are referring to.

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