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BLOG 2: Community Info Needs – Getting Involved

I believe getting involved is one of the best things people can do for their communities; thus knowing how, where & why to get involved is what I feel is the most important information need of a community.  By “getting involved” I don’t just mean attending concerts, farmers markets, festivals, parades, etc. I also am talking about volunteering at these types of events as well.

This past weekend Downtown Columbia was home to the 5th annual Roots n’ Blues n’ BBQ.  The entire weekend of R&B&BBQ was an absolute blast & a huge success due to ALL of the wonderful volunteers who helped work the event.

Part of my internship was to volunteer for this event and I am very glad I did.  For taking a few hours out of my weekend to volunteer I got to meet some great people, eat THE BEST BBQ ever and listen to AMAZING live music for FREE!  My friends were envious of the fact that I got a free ride to the festival and made it very clear that if they had known they could have simply volunteered in exchange for a free pass to the festival they would have done it in a second.  So, if anyone is interested in attending or volunteering next year (I strongly suggest doing it) here is where you can find all the information about R&B&BBQ.

After this weekend it became very clear to me that information on how to get involved within ones community is the most important information need for a member of the community.  It almost breaks my heart hearing from people who missed out on a good concert, festival or some type of event that they would have loved to go or volunteer at but just didn’t hear about it until after it was already over.  People need to know how to get involved with events that interest them and it is up to the people who put these events together to provide the citizens with the proper information on how to go about getting involved.

  1. September 13, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    OK, so the next step is to think about how to facilitate this. You are talking about compiling events and volunteer opportunities and also increasing engagement with these opportunities and the community. So how would you approach these issues? Might be something for your group to consider.

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