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Blog 2: Community Information Needs

From the perspective of a full-time college student with very little experience in the “real” world, I think the most important information need of a community is being aware of and knowing where to find the different opportunities available in the community.  For instance, I received a call today about a potential job opportunity after graduation and was then asked if I was attending the career fair on Friday. Although I ensured the potential employer that I was planning on attending I had no idea that there was a job fair at the end of the week. Since it is a business career fair, which I discovered after searching Mizzou’s website, I was not informed through MU e-mail about it because I am a communication major and therefore only receive a limited amount of opportunities.  Information on Mizzou and Columbia opportunities are out there, we as students just need to learn how to access it and take advantage of the information.

Other important information needs that should be available include volunteer opportunities, opportunities to join an organization, opportunities to support a cause, find a job (hiremizzoutigers.com), donate to a charity, attend a religious service, join the army, etc.  There are many opportunities out there and plenty of information available on those opportunities, both in Columbia and in many parts of the world.  But it is up to community members to seek out information and apply it to their specific needs and interests not only to be informed citizens but to contribute to society as all members of a community should.

  1. September 13, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    Good. So how could one develop a filter that would get these sorts of opportunities to people who are interested?

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