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Blog 2: Important Information

Given the recent tradgedy in Joplin and the Midwest’s reputation for devistating storms, emergency alert systems are a crucial information need here in Columbia. These systems can also be useful with regards to reporting and learning of illegal activity, cancelations, and locating local health centers.  MU Alert is an excellent site for for all these different needs.

When you enter the site, the home page will display whatever current information needs are most important. For example, the recent fire related incident at Ellis Library is the main story on the news feed at this time. As updates occur with the story, the site keeps tabs on all the activity. A toolbar out to the right of the page makes the website very easy to navigate. It has links to different emergency procedures for specific scenarios and a list of different contacts for emergency situations. There are obviously many other sources for emergency information and it vital that people gain an awareness of of these different outlets. There is no telling when and where a disaster might happen so you should always be prepared to actively obtain the information necessary

  1. September 13, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Good, but if “there are obviously many other sources of emergency information” you should probably link to and describe some of those. MU Alert doesn’t provide all of the emergency information you need as an MU student, does it? So if disaster information is the most important type of information, where else do you find it?

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