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Blog 2: Information Need of a Community

Granite there are multiple information needs that go into making a community stable and as one, but the most important need to me is having a sense of connectedness. Everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere or to something and if a community isn’t connected, then it becomes just a large group of individuals. Individuals strive and lookout for themselves, while communities look out for each other and their best intentions (most of the time) are for the group as a whole.

A major way to ensure connectedness in a community is to make sure all members have access to the top communication mediums. These include the Internet, television (especially to local news stations), newspapers, and radio stations. When a person is informed about newsworthy material and topics, it is easier for them to relate to what is going on around them. If someone never knows about social events, political events, natural disasters, etc in a community, then a connection is not going to be developed. One is also a lot more likely to communicate to others about events and news topics when they feel they are affected by it personally and know others who are as well. Different specifics mediums Columbia residents can use for example are the newspapers Columbia Missourian or Columbia Tribune, local television station KOMU, Y107  or KCOU radio stations and the City of Columbia Internet site.


The Information Needs of  Community article stated that media should be available to those especially in underserved communities and I think it is very important to stress that. Residents with disabilities, minorities, and senior citizens should be able to access communication mediums just like the rest of us. Nothing sets a community apart more than if some of its citizens are not on an equal level of their counterparts. If one cannot afford certain mediums, cannot obtain certain mediums, or cannot hear/see certain mediums then a sense of connectedness is never fully achieved. Overall, I believe the most important information need of a community if being connected and we can do that by the media mediums. When citizens are informed and aware, we can then act as a community, figure out and solve problems, celebrate, and rebuild as a community. The options are endless.

  1. September 13, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    You mention TV, radio, and Internet mediums in this post. Are some of these better at connecting citizens than others? Does simply using these mediums create community connections or does creating connections require something more?

    Also, the first word in your post should be “Granted” not “Granite.” Granite is a rock. Be sure to re-read your posts carefully before posting.

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