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Blog 2: Information Need

When you are considering moving to a new community, one of the first things you research is, or should be, the safety and crime rates in that area. Due to the fact that I am moving back to Chicago for graduate school, a city where violence is a HUGE issue, this communication need has become extremely high-priority for me.

For a more local example, just this past week at Mizzou, the safety alarms could be heard ringing a mile away from the downtown area. The mass notification system, through emails and our cell phones, were tested to be sure we can all be reached in case of a safety emergency. I’m sure we all remember that receiving information about our safety became a huge concern last year when we thought there may have been a gunman on campus. And just this past weekend at Mizzou, we were all shocked to receive an email from MU saying that a fire had been started in Ellis Library. Mizzou has even established an MU Alert twitter page to keep students up-to-date involving safety, crime, and emergencies.

These are all examples of how a community receiving information about safety, emergencies, and local crime are vital to having a safe, knowledgeable community. Websites like the Public Safety Joint Communications  provide detailed information about safety procedures and statistics in the Columbia area. It is important that residents know what to do in an emergency or otherwise unsafe situation.

Furthermore, it is also important for the community to know how the city responds to these things. It is useful to see that crimes are quickly solved or that  police respond quickly to calls. The more transparent a community is with safety information, the more the residents become informed and safe citizens.

  1. September 13, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    Good post. Are there other sources of information you need to follow in terms of safety? What about weather information, for example? Do you also get that from MU Alert or does it come from somewhere else?

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