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Blog 2: Information Needs of a Community

Everyone needs to feel connected. Part of being in a community means feeling that unique sense of identity. Although everyone is different, a community binds people together. Columbia is no exception- it is a vibrant town filled with life. People who want to feel connected in Columbia need to know what is going on with their local government.

The website for the city of Columbia is an invaluable resource. It keeps residents informed of city council meetings, announcements, emergency information, recreational activities, and just about anything else that is going on. Additionally, this website provides information from business and planning to information about how to lower your utility bill. When people know about what is going on in their city, they are more apt to get involved, which benefits everyone. In the Knight Commission’s report they make the point that information is necessary to a community, but it is not useful unless it elicits action. Columbia needs information about what is going on around them. This information has the potential to make the city of Columbia a great place.

  1. September 13, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Do you think that knowing what is going on in the local government “connects” people? If so, who/what does it connect them to?

    Is this the most important source of connection for citizens? What else makes citizens feel connected?

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