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Blog 2: Infromation needs of a community

I feel the most important information need of a community is the need for communities to develop a sense of connectedness and engagement. After all, if members don’t feel as if they are an important part of something, then the community itself is deemed for failure. The “Knights of Commission Report” states that:

 [A community] needs to circulate ideas, symbols, facts, and perspectives in a way that lets people know how they fit into a shared narrative. People need access to information to avoid feeling alienated and excluded (p.9).

 I feel as if this information need of engagement is the hardest to come by. It is extremely difficult for communities (particularly the communities of cities) to make information available to absolutely everyone. There is not one lone place that everyone looks to retrieve their information. The city can do its best to post information where they think most of their citizens will look in hopes of getting them involved. However, if the citizen doesn’t want the information, they are not going to look for it. Yet, for those people who want to know what’s going on in their community, the information should be made readily available so the citizens know that the city wants them to be involved.

If people don’t feel connected to their community or engage in community activites, they are never going to try to improve it to make it even more beneficial. The “Knights of Commision Report” also outlines and emphasizes that :

Unless people, armed with information, engage with their communities to produce a positive effect, information by itself is powerless (p.12).

A community can have policies, laws, activities, etc…but if the majority of people are not willing to engage, participate, or abide by these notions, then the community itself will dwindle away.

  1. September 13, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    So how can communities and cities increase connections and engagement? If you were tasked with increasing community connections in a large city like St. Louis, how would you approach this problem? Would you use the same type of strategies for a smaller place like Columbia, or would you try something else?

    Or do you think there is only so much you can do in terms of increasing community connections?

    Good use of images and quotes in this post.

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