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Blog 2: Most important need of community

There are many  important needs of a community that I am not sure I can pick just one. I have many opinions on what can be improved in a community that come to my mind on a daily basis.

1. Why does everyone know that Amy Winehouse died, but how many people can say that they know how many military men lost their lives in the same week to a war they are fighting for US. There needs to be more coverage on the news and other media outlets. We need to remember what is truly important.

This I have to say is not what is truly important: 

2. The news on TV needs to be way more interesting. I think news is very important and informative, but unfortunately after talking to my peers, I have noticed that nobody around my age group watches the news. Why is this? It is like this because it is boring! I feel we need to create the best news and the way receive it- it should be better than ever. It should be catchy. We need creative minds. It is important to keep the professionalism, but to make it catch the eye. For instance, add more graphics,change the way the local news usually presents the news, and change the same old routine.

3. I feel there is not enough local reporting. I agree with the text, Information Needs of communities, because I feel I can go on the internet and find out anything that is going on with Columbia, but I don’t see enough local reporting on television. If I don’t know what I am looking for, how am I going to know that it exists? If I saw coverage on a local festival coming up  in Columbia on TV- then I would know to go online and check it out for more information. For instance, I had no idea when the Roots and Blues was taking place (last weekend) because I do not listen to the radio and I need to know what I am looking for before I research it on the internet. Not every body uses all available channels of media- so it is important for all channels to cover what is needed.

Those are just some “important information needs”  of a community.

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  1. September 13, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Lots of criticism of current information here for your team to address with in your community information proposal.

    Do you think your #1 and #2 are related? So the media tends to report on Amy Winehouse and not U.S. military operations because people think U.S. military operations are boring? If you take potentially important information and specifically try to make it “interesting” does it affect the information?

    Also, be sure to add the class category (“Capstone”) to your post in addition to the assignment category, which you have.

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