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Blog 2: What’s Important to a Community!

Being a part of a community there are many different aspects that you would deem important from being a citizen. There is not just one thing that a community needs to know or a community wants to know.  However the most important information need of a community is the policies and rules that the mayor has made. I think knowing what you can and can no do when living somewhere is an important part. You need to know the protocol of things and the rights you have as a citizen in this community. For example I live in the City of North Chicago and there were some people who lived by us who had a party once a week. We needed to know our rights as citizens of that community to be able to complain and have peace where we were living.

City of North Chicago

Even though i feel that what your rights are and the policies are the most important parts of living in a community there are also different things that people would want to know. I know for me an important part of community information is the events that the community plans. I love knowing about carnivals or runs for the senior citizens etc. I think that the best way to get community feedback and involvement is through events, which is why I feel that they are important. Though these are important factors someone could find something else that they deem important.

  1. September 13, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    So are you saying the most important information in a community are finding out the laws of that community? If so, where do you find this information?

    And there are no links in this post. Is nothing you are writing here relevant to other websites or sources of information? You blog posts should connect, via links, to larger conversations on the web.

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