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Blog #2: Incident Command System and Communication

The Incident Command System is a standardized, all-hazard incident management approach that integrates facilities, resources, personnel and communications under one organizational structure. ICS gives multiple agencies the ability to handle and communicate about crises that have occurred. For our class discussion, we were talking mainly about the communication factors of the ICS and what communication role is in the ICS.

Since there is a structured chain of command in the ICS communication between agencies and between personnel is very important. Communication plays a big role, from where to begin preparing for the incident to actually carrying out the predetermined plan. The incident commander, who controls and informs all supervisors on hand, uses communication to move resources and personnel to areas mostly affected by the crisis. Since subordinates report to only one supervisor, the communication from top to bottom (from commander to the operations groups) is much clearer and feedback can be given back to  provide the best service and rescue to the ones in need.

Because the ICS is in progress through out the crisis, constant communication with the outside audience needs to be occurring . Since the ICS makes a after-action reports, it is easy to see where there were mistakes made by the teams or where there are still hazardous conditions for other people. The communication during the ICS process must be ongoing at all times to ensure that each person in the structure has a particular task, is safe and secure when proforming these tasks, and that they will have the necessary resources to perform these tasks. Since there is so many people working together from different areas of the field, interpersonal communication is key to successfully carrying out the mission with the least amount of damage done.

This short video shows the ICS being used during the Super Bowl in Jacksonville, FL. This video shows how the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office was designated to provide security for the big game, and how the ICS and Esponder have given this small sheriff’s office much control over the security of the game.

  1. September 19, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Good post overall. Good discussion of the communication issues related to ICS. Also nice use of a video.

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