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BLOG 2: Communication in the ICS

The Incident Command System used in emergency responses as a systematic tool. This system includes personnel, procedures, policies and much more to improve how emergency responses are operated. The whole point of the system is for people to work together effectively, regardless of what agencies they may be from. The ICS reduces the potential for any miscommunication in situations that can’t afford it.

The ICS is made up of a Command which then oversees teams of Operations, Logistics, Planning and Finance/Administration.

Commonly, ICS is used in disaster type cases, however it can also be used to prevent disasters. For example, large sporting events such as the Super Bowl utilize this system as well. The video below shows up the Jacksonville Superbowl used this system to help them prepare for the event and communicate with other teams using ICS.

  1. September 19, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    A short, concise post, which I like, but is there not anything else to say about communication in ICS? You state that ICS prevents miscommunication and also include a video about how a sporting event used ICS to communicate, but that is not much information about the role of communication in ICS.

    You’ve got food formatting in this post and I like that it is concise, but still make sure your posts address the blog assignment question and have something to say.

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