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Blog 2: Communication Role of ISC

Communication plays several key roles in FEMA’s ICS (Incident Command Systems).

  • Common terminology  and text
Communication in a disaster must be understood universally to those affected and language should be appropriate for the intended audience whether it be first responders, victims or outsiders trivially affected by the event.
  • Easily accessible platforms to communicate on
The iPhone Disaster Application is very useful in communicating disaster messages quickly, but not everyone will have access to its uses.
A sign outside a disaster area will keep everyone directly involved on site from disturbing the disaster or increasing further damage, but it is not as useful in reaching the whole public.
Different platforms of communication should be used depending upon the severity of the situation, the public affected, and the availability of access to those affected.
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  1. September 19, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    Are different communication platforms addressed in the ICS training you completed? How do you think an incident commander would think about different communication platforms? In other words, what issues arise when thinking about communication platforms?

    Be sure to check your post. You’ve got a stray bullet before the second image. Also, couldn’t your second and third images go next to each other to sort of pull the post together visually?

    And you don’t have categories or tags on this post. Be sure to add both of those, as they just result in lost assignment points when they are not included.

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