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BLOG 2: Communication within the ICS

The Incident Command System’s key component is communication. There must be a healthy communication between all people involved in a crisis and for FEMA. The Innocent Command System is the key tool for FEMA to have organized communication before, during, and after a crisis. No matter how big or small the crisis or disaster may be, communication is something that is needed across the board. Communication must be clear and honest so everyone can easily understand. Communication is important whether verbal or nonverbal, and the ICS is what controls this communication.

Below is a chart that identifies the hierarchy that the ICS has created to organize who communicates to whom.

The chart above shows that the ICS is also composed of  different branches. These branches are organized in a way that people are in charge of different groups during a crisis.  This helps there to be some organization in an emergency,especially the larger they are. The ICS does not want the Incident Commander to be the only person everyone reports to–this would lead to chaos and would take way too much time in any crisis. It is extremely helpful to have different branches such as operations, planning, logistics, and finance.  This is to make sure everyone’s specific skills are being used and communication is clear during different tasks during the crisis/disaster.

Overall, communication is vital so that everyone involved in a disaster, whether a part of the ICS or the people involved or affected by the disaster, are kept safe.  Communication is what will save people’s lives. Preparation for any disaster requires communication along with the present and the cleanup and after-effects. Thus, communication plays a major role in the ICS.

  1. September 19, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Good post overall. You have good images and the writing is clear. In future posts, try to take your analysis to the next step. In this post you have a good explanation of why communication is important in ICS, but can you tell the reader something he or she may not read in the other class posts? How can you set your analysis apart from other bloggers? Continue to challenge yourself to have a clear voice and argument in your posts. Good job.

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