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Blog 2: Role of Communication


Crisis’ can happen at any time and for that reason FEMA has created the ICS (Incident Command System) for emergency protection. There are many roles of communication in the ICS it’s a information tool of whats going on, who’s in charge, how to communicate with the people, and the proper protocol for new people coming onto the scene as added help.  I think without this system there would be more chaos and confusion added on to an already hectic crisis. For the people who are apart of the ICS team the most important role of communication is the one that they have within their system, and because their system is so organized it is easy to identify the person in charge, to the person who helps with financial arrangements, to the person who speaks to the citizens about a disaster.With this system it is easier to keep people notified and updated about the disaster or crisis at hand. For example at The Reserves where I live whenever they need to notify people about a late bill, or rent, people doing maintenance work, etc, we would get a txt and and email. They are very clever when it comes to computers because we cannot get on the internet sometimes until we’ve checked that we have read and understand the message that was sent by them.

      The above chart shows the system of command with in a unified command team. With this chart above you can easily tell what each person on this command team job is and the role they play for helping solve the crisis. Logistics, operations, planning, and finance are just some of the jobs but from readings we know there are many more divisions, groups, and branches within an incident command system. The ICS talks about having integrated communication as well so that before a crisis were even to happen that they would already be able to communicate with one another. I think communication is very important to the system because you can have so many people who want to help and so many people apart of what’s going on they all need to know who to report to and their roles, because confusion of what to do will delay process of the real matter at hand and really put people’s lives at danger. I think the ICS is somewhat of a customer service thing because your really trying to help the people that have been affected and try to help the people who could potentially be affected prepare.


  1. September 19, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    To take your example though, if you had experienced a disaster and knew that a response team was in the area helping people, and if you had the organizational chart in your post for that ICS team, who would you contact for help and how would you contact them? In other words, do you think this ICS structure helps you as a disaster victim get help?

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