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ICS and Communication

After completing the ICS training, I now realize the importance of communication in a crisis.  Now matter how big or small the crisis is, it is important that communication is the number one priority to all the stakeholders of the crisis.

Overall, the Incident Command System is a process that allows all part of a crises that need to be implemented come together and communicate as a whole to relieve the stakeholders of the crises. If the crisis is at a larger scale, not only is communication important during the crisis to resolve it, but it is important in order to rebuild after the crisis has happened.  Communication, overall, is essential in the reconstruction and rebuilding of the deconstruction of a terrible crisis.

For example, when the American headquarters was struck by the tsunami in Samoa in September of 2009, FEMA and the ICS came into contanct and effect almost immediately.  Here is a video that explains it a little deeper.

This particular incident was important because they had many members to deal with that all had alternating jobs.  They had to implement the logistics team and many others in to relieve the crisis as soon as possible.

One of the most important things I saw in this video was how the superintendent of the National Park in Samoa, Mike Reynolds, explained that not only was communication between each department was difficult, but there was a language barrier.  Some of the positions included in the ICS were citizens of Samoa, which obviously caused a language barrier.  Not only was it difficult for them to communicate within the ICS, it was hard to communicate to the citizens of Samoa.  The use of helpful communication and not wasting any time was important to them during this terrible time.

Overall, communication in any circumstance is crucial and if implemented in the correct way, can change the course of a crisis. ICS is a great way to merge all important aspects of a crisis and make sure the crisis within house and outside with the stakeholders is used wisely.

  1. September 19, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    Good post. Good discussion of the role of communication in rebuilding a community post-disaster and of how language barriers can pose problems in communicating during crises.

    Also, good use of a video and nice job actually discussing the video in the post.

    Be sure to add tags to your post. You have the categories listed, but not the tags. Also, include the blog assignment number in your blog title. For example, “Blog 2: ICS and communication.”

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