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Group Roles: Team Crisis Squad

For our group name we have decided to go with The Crisis Squad. We have also broken down the group into the ICS section with a chief in Operations, Logistics, Planning, and Finance. The breakdown goes like this

Logistics-Rita Burke: she will be responsible for discussing the facilites used, services needed and the support that will be given for the incident . She will also be responsible for the setting up communication with the media or public.

Finance– Jenna Kuphall: She will be responsible for researching and discusing what the financial cost of the problem will be, documenting and reporting the injury and death toll, and just keeping a tally on the day to day costs.

Operations  – Derek Schilson: He will be responsible with developing and discussing the strategy to combat the crisis. He will also discuss about the staging area if needed.

PlanningTae In Park: He will be discussing and creating the Incident Action Plan as well as track resources needed.He will also talk about demobilization plans if applicable at the time.

Incident Commander – Meghan Wood: She will briefing the team as well as the public about the event as it unfolds as well as oversee the tasks of the rest of the team. She will also help with research.

We will all as a team help with any design requirements as well as writing duties. We believe that our team will be able to work efficiently with these roles.


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