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Group Roles: Team Superbad

Our team name is ‘Superbad’ and our disaster is a major hurricane.

Group Roles:

Kristen Bradley: Finance. Responsibilities include: tracking incident costs, communicate with assisting agencies, set up and operate incident commissary, report to Operations.

Brooke Derstler: Operations. Responsibilities include: direct management of all incident tactical activities, ensure effective communication within the operations section and other section, determine need for resources.

Mason Shank: Planning. Responsibilities include: establish information requirements and reporting schedules, assemble information on alternative strategies, identify need for resources, report to Operations.

Mathew Pressey: Logistics. Responsibilities include: identify service and support requirements for planned and expected operations, estimate future service and support requirements, provide input to and review the Communications Plan, Medical Plan and Traffic Plan and report to Operations


As a whole we will be able to fulfill the responsibilities of ICS and appropriately handle this natural disaster.

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