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Team Name/Roles: Mamba #5

Mamba #5 has decided to split up the positions in group based off the ICS positions.

Operations Chief: Ashely Latta: Ashley will be responsible for managing all tactical operations at an incident. Some of her main responsibilities will be to assure safety, manage tactical operations, develop the operations portion of the IAP, request resources, approve release of resources, and maintain close communication with other chiefs.

Planning Chief: Blair Thompson: Blair will be responsible for providing planning services for the incident, collecting situation and resources status information, evaluating it, and processing the information into an action plan. Some major responsibilities will be collecting and managing all incident-relevant operational data, conducting and facilitating planning meetings, determining need for specialized resources, assemble and dissemble task forces and strike teams not assigned to operations, and oversee preparation of demobilization plan, plus more!

Logistics Chief: Patrick Eberle: Patrick will be responsible for providing all incident needs with the exception of logistics support to air operations. Some of his major responsibilities include providing all facilities, transportation, communications, supplies, equipment maintenance, food and medical services for incident personnel and all off-incident resources, manage all incident logistics, and ensure and oversee the development of the communications, medical, and traffic plans.

Finance Chief: Laura Quijas: Laura will be responsible for managing all financial aspects of an incident. Some of her main responsibilities are providing financial and cost analysis information as requested, ensure compensation, develop an operating plan for the Finance/Administration Section and fill Section supply and support needs, meet with assisting and cooperating agency representatives as needed, ensure that personnel time records are completed accurately and transmitted to home agencies



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