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Blog 2: Crisis Communication


by mattp3 on September 14, 2011

The Role of Communication in the ICS


       “In an emergency seconds count”. This is the slogan of the Incident Command System.  Without good communication the whole system would break down not be able function.  The ICS operates with hundreds of workers and volunteers in addition to multiple response agencies.  An effective communication system is imperative to the success of  respnse to emergency situations as well as non emergency events, such as concerts and parades.

    In emergency events a quick respnse is essential.  Communicating what equitment is needed, suppplies and nesccary personnel quickly and efficently to the scene has to be done.  Different communication plans are in place for different situations; but all involved must know the proper procedures.  This is where training is extremly important.

    According to the ICS brief on interoperational communication, the system is desgined to prevent communication and command failures which are almost always linked together.  The ICS uses common termonlogy and a common plan for communication between all agencies involved.  This prevents miscommunication if th0se involved dont understand the terminology.

    Intergration of all services is critical and all people responding have to be on the same page.  A chain of command is very important for efficient and accurate dissemnation of information.  The ICS chain of command looks like this:  


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  1. September 20, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    Good. Be sure to post all future blog posts here so the class and I can see them. And you need to add the categories and tags to your post. You might have done that in the old one, but do it here also.

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