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Blog 3: Collecting surveys

My experience collecting surveys was not that bad at all. I spent most of my time in around Jesse Hall collecting surveys from people who clearly did not fit the bill of a young MU undergrad student. In collecting my responses this way I found it very easy to get them taken care of. I would usually wait until lunch hour or around 5pm and try to get as many of the people coming out of the building as possible. Most of the people I asked were willing to take my survey I think partially because they identify with the culture a little bit more than the average public. I did have plenty of people politely decline because they were in a hurry, but I never had any trouble getting people to take the time and fill one out.

At first I was worried what people would think when they saw a survey as long as the one we were requesting the public fill out. After the first two or three got it done in around 10 minutes I realized that it must not be so bad and used this to persuade future requests. One of the issues I thought about was demographics of the people working in the building. While I did not find anyone on the extreme low end of the scale, there were part-time employees and assistant directors that filled out my survey so I believe I got a fairly decent mix as far as income was concerned. I did find out though that there appear to a disproportionately high number of female to male workers in Jesse Hall. Completely irrelevant but interesting.

There were a few people who were a little perplexed at the length of the survey but of everyone that started my survey everyone got completed as well. While enjoyed meeting many different people and making small talk with them as they filled out the survey, it was not my cup of tea and would never consider a career in it. Over all it was good, just really long. I think the most time intensive part was going back and entering all of the answers into surveymonkey. I understand the reasoning and usefulness of such a request, it just took a lot of time and was very redundant. Other than that I had no major problems with the survey gathering process.

  1. October 19, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Nice reflection. Thanks for the positive attitude about this project.

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