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Blog 3: Collecting Surveys

Collecting the surveys at my place of work proved to be very effective.  I was able to collect information from all different age groups, anywhere from 20-something’s to people in their 70’s were willing to participate.  I had a few people hesitate on filling out the survey because of the length but this usually wasn’t a problem.  I also found that women seemed more willing to help out then men – they always seemed like they were in a big hurry.

For the first batch of surveys I had the person fill it out themselves.  This quickly became unfavorable in my eyes because it seemed to take a while and I also had some difficulties reading the handwriting on some of the completed forms.  I didn’t really know what to do with myself while they were filling it out.  Staring at them would be inappropriate but staring at the wall seemed rude as well.

After we completed the first round of surveys, someone in class noted that they read the surveys to participants and that it took less time.  For the next 15 surveys I chose to use that method.  Not only was it easier for them to understand the questions but I could read my handwriting much easier than trying to decipher chicken scratch.  Another reason I found this method favorable was because I could circle the answer on the survey itself and then right away enter it into survey monkey which saved me some time as well.  I only thought to do that for the last couple of surveys but it still saved me some time.

I think the surveying aspect of this project would have been more pleasurable if we could have had participants fill it out online.  Entering the results into survey monkey was very tedious.. but I suppose I am the only one to blame for my procrastination.  If only I was smart enough to enter just one or two surveys everyday instead of waiting until the end, things would have been a lot easier!

  1. October 19, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    Good reflection on this part of the project Hannah. Thanks.

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