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Blog 3: Community Information Survey

At first, I had an easy time finding people to fill out the Community Information Survey. I went to the September 19th City Council meeting for an assignment in another class. The pre-council meeting was closed off to the public so I had a great supply of citizens waiting for the regularly scheduled meeting to start. The most responsive people to take the survey were four disabled citizens. They seemed to like the idea of mapping information in Columbia. I had about 9 other people take the survey that night. The next group I targeted were my teachers and teaching assistants. All of them gladly took the survey since it was for a capstone project.

They were easy to gain as well as my employers at the Journalism Library and College Avenue Residence Hall. The rest of the surveys were time consuming but not difficult to collect. People were willing but not unwilling.

When trying to get people on the conventional places like downtown, people were less likely than if I asked someone on campus. They are more sympathetic because they have gone through similar processes. I wouldn’t call it a hassle but it definitely wasn’t a cake walk.

  1. October 19, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Nice post. The photos give it a very personal touch. Glad to hear you took these to a city council meeting and that there were citizens interested in this. Good reflection.

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